Creative Concept: Savannah Brand Refresh.


Visiting a new city brings inspiration, ideas and questions about the brand that currently exists… well, to a team of marketing professionals at least!

When our team visited Savannah, Georgia, everyone was encapsulated by the rich history, stunning architecture, unique small business brands and much more. After exploring such a tourist-filled, booming city, we wondered, “how can you elevate the small businesses that have already found their niche in downtown Savannah?”


Naturally, we tossed this question over to our creative team. We tasked them to partake in a creative exercise to rebrand one of their favorite spots or activities we saw or did while in Savannah. One of Savannah’s staples is its ghost tours. Our creative team chose the Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour, as this was one of the experiences our team did together and were collectively spooked by.

Creepy Crawl already had interesting brand elements, but they needed a bit of fine-tuning and organizing. Our tour with Creepy Crawl was definitely “spooky scary” but overall, we had a laughable time. We wanted to try and express this feeling of “silly fun” in a spooky environment.


To accomplish this, our team redesigned the website homepage to incorporate more black tones and then combined them with a bright “ectoplasm” green that felt playful, yet eerie. Creepy Crawl had goblin characters incorporated into the branding on their website as well as on the koozies we received from the tour, so we wanted to find a way to leverage this. Plus, who doesn’t love a cute goblin? They embody the scary, yet silly brand image our team was attempting to reimagine.

In order to redesign aspects of the brand, we cleaned up the vector file and transitioned them into a green color scheme instead of the red scheme they previously used. Our team also cut down the copy on the website to make it less wordy and confusing. Additionally, we included “spookier” lingo to attract future customers.

It’s easy for a spooky aesthetic to feel corny and overbaked, so we wanted to be subtle with the scary elements. We only included simple text changes and visual elements such as the fog in the header image and high contrast black and white photos from previous tours. Not only do these photos show off previous customer experiences but they are more dramatic and add an eerie feeling to the website.

Through giving Creepy Crawl an updated look and feel, we found an answer to our original question. Brands like Creepy Crawl can become lax, as they are never searching for customers to attract. This is because they are in a market that is specific to Savannah, making it easy to attract tourists, as it is one of the “must do things” in this city.

However, by giving businesses a small refresh, we are able to help them stand out against the competitors in their markets. Even the smallest face lift every few years will show that they are staying up to date with recent trends and remaining at the top of their industry.

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