CSBD: Hybrid Event Production.


A hybrid event with over 1,500 attendees joining both online and in person at four locations across the nation … that’s the definition of a challenge. This particular event’s agenda is jam-packed with inspiring presentations, educational sessions and even a special keynote from a motivational athlete. So, when all that excitement is paired with the innate logistical difficulties surrounding a hybrid environment, how does KM&A lead event production in a way that is cohesive and engaging for everyone tuning in?


Our team worked diligently alongside the client to ensure the event viewing experience was optimal for all audiences. Developing creative content, producing videos and perfecting the run of show required constant communication and weekly meetings with various teams. Through the creation of a branded virtual platform, attendees joining virtually were able to hear from their company’s leaders and tune into expert panel discussions in real time with those viewing in person. Event logistics were key here, and we contribute much of our success to the countless spreadsheets, tech calls and strategic communication our teams shared over the past few months.


With KM&A team members on site at all four locations, we witnessed the audience excitement first-hand. In-person attendees loved celebrating one another’s successes, networking and spending time learning together, while virtual attendees lit up the chat box with their questions for speakers, emotional reactions and supportive comments. When the event came to an end, client leaders left feeling energized with a clear focus for the next year. What more can we ask for?

Events are the perfect way to bring people together and tell your brand’s story. Looking to put on an in-person, virtual or hybrid event experience? Let’s chat.