Dallara IndyCar Experience: In-Person Networking Event.


Our client envisioned an event that would draw their attendees to a single, immersive space. Their goal was to create a casual and welcoming atmosphere that fostered meaningful connections. Additionally, they wanted to provide a unique activity where customers could unwind while staying engaged after a long day at The Work Truck Show, hosted by NTEA.


The KM&A team, in collaboration with our partners, undertook the task of organizing a captivating event to gather our client’s customers in a single, centralized location. The team had to manage various aspects, including budgeting, food and beverage arrangements, simulator sign-ups, a factory tour at Dallara, creating a registration site and designing creative assets that elevated the event. Let’s explore each of these elements in more detail:

  1. Budget: The team planned the event around a set budget, considering various expenses such as venue rental, equipment rentals, catering, marketing materials and other relevant costs. By setting a clear budget, KM&A staff ensured effective financial management throughout the event planning process.
  2. Food and Beverage: To enhance the attendees’ experience, the team arranged for food and beverage services. This involved selecting appropriate catering options that aligned with the type of event our client was hosting. Since this was a networking event, we opened the first hour of the event with passed hors d’oeuvres to give guests time to settle in. We worked with a catering company to help create a menu that had variety and considered the guests’ time in case they wanted to participate in the simulator activity.
  3. Simulator Sign-ups: As part of the event’s immersive nature, the KM&A team was able to incorporate the IndyCar simulator into the experience. Attendees were given the opportunity to participate in an interactive racing simulator, a unique simulation that race car drivers use to test drive on the Indiana Motor Speedway course. Along with the Indiana Motor Speedway track option, the IndyCar simulator also offered other courses. The team managed the sign-up process, ensuring smooth transitions between different simulator rounds and provided clear instructions to maximize attendees’ engagement.
  4. Registration Site: A dedicated registration website was created to streamline the event registration process. KM&A designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface where potential attendees could easily sign up and provide necessary information. The registration site served as a centralized hub for communication, updates, metrics and data related to the event.
  5. Creative: To visually represent the event and create a cohesive branding experience, KM&A developed creative assets. Our creative team put together an RSVP invitation and header images for the registration site.
  6. Venue: We selected a venue that allowed for multiple activities to take place at the same time. The Dallara IndyCar Factory was a perfect fit for this networking event because it had an open space to display food and beverages, along with a space for customers to mingle among showcased race cars. This venue also had two customer experiences right there in their facility: Dallara Factory Tour and the immersive race car simulator.


The event surpassed all expectations as the number of attendees exceeded the targeted guest count. Customers enjoyed a curated menu while they mixed and mingled with the client. The highlight of the event was a factory tour, providing attendees with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the craftsmanship of race cars. Adding an extra layer of excitement, customers got into their competitive spirit during the simulator activity, engaging in friendly rivalry. The event served as a testament to KM&A’s ability to create an unforgettable experience for both our client and their customers by using our knowledge and creativity.

Events are the perfect way to bring people together and tell your brand’s story. Looking to put on an in-person, intimate, networking event? Let’s chat.