Email Marketing: Joe’s Butcher Shop.

Creating content that directly reaches your audience’s inbox can be a powerful tool. Email marketing is an effective way for businesses to connect with their audiences and grow their relationships. One way of doing this is with newsletters. The use of newsletters can add a personal touch to email marketing, one that consumers will appreciate.


Joe’s Butcher Shop, a Carmel, Indiana one-stop-shop, provides farm fresh meats, fresh seafood and delicious grab ‘n go items. Joe’s unique charm and personality was challenging to translate onto their weekly newsletter, while also keeping it clean and professional. According to Allison Hott, people check their email as much as 20 times a day (2021). Making an exciting and unique newsletter EVERY week that people want to open? Now that’s an arduous task. But leave it to our KM&A team to face these obstacles head-on and create newsworthy content worth opening.


Our team put their thinking caps on to figure out how to create weekly subject matter that wouldn’t become redundant or boring and would increase open rates. We redesigned the entire look and structure of the newsletter, including different weekly topics and highlights such as various recipes related to items on sale, blogs written by Joe, as well as staff features. We organized the arrangement of the newsletter so that it’s much easier to read, flows nicely and is of course, visually appealing. We maintain the authentic, fun tone and voice of Joe’s Butcher Shop that fans know and love, all while keeping a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


We saw an amazing increase in open rates when we began managing the newsletter in fall of 2019. The industry average for open rate is 11%, according to Constant Contact, and Joe’s open rate average is 38%, a 27% difference. As of June 24th, the week we implemented new changes, Joe’s newsletter open rates increased by roughly 15%. With the new design, we are able to provide the audience with fresh content weekly.

When it comes down to it, email marketing allows companies to directly speak to their consumers and build lasting relationships by providing powerful and informative content that is educational, yet entertaining.


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