Event Tech: Ticket Inventory & Management.


KM&A is the go-to experience procurer for many of our clients. Managing ticket inventory for events of various sizes poses a significant challenge for event organizers across the board. From accurately tracking ticket sales to collecting attendee information and handling diverse ticket types to additional requests, the process can quickly become cumbersome and prone to errors. To address these challenges, KM&A uses Eventcombo, a comprehensive event management platform. 


  1. Eventcombo has allowed us to implement several processes to streamline ticket and inventory management. This makes logistical planning easier for both KM&A and our clients. 

    1. Reservation Flexibility: Eventcombo enables customers to reserve tickets either for free or purchase them directly through the platform. This flexibility caters to different client preferences and event types. 
    2. Manual Ticket Addition: Our team can seamlessly add tickets manually through the platform’s backend interface. This feature allows us to accommodate special cases or last-minute ticket allocations with ease. 
    3. Accurate Inventory Tracking: Eventcombo provides inventory tracking capabilities, ensuring real-time visibility into ticket availability. This prevents overselling and eliminates the risk of double booking. 
    4. Comprehensive Reporting: The platform offers easy access to detailed reports, allowing us to monitor ticket sales, track attendance metrics and analyze customer demographics effectively. These insights inform decision-making and optimize future event planning strategies. 
    5. Data & Information Collection: Eventcombo facilitates the collection of attendee information beyond basic details. We are able to include fields such as name, phone number, email, address, company, job title and much more. This data enriches our understanding of our audience. 
    6. Ticket Type Variation: Eventcombo accommodates various ticket types, such as general admission and full hospitality packages, within a single interface. This simplifies ticket management for events with diverse attendee needs. 
    7. Additional Requests: The platform extends beyond ticketing to collect other information for event-related requests, such as hotel stays, parking passes and dietary preferences. This comprehensive approach enhances the attendee experience and minimizes logistical challenges. 
    8. Elimination of Manual Tracking: The need for cumbersome Excel sheets to track ticket inventory is over. Eventcombo centralizes all data, providing a single source of truth for streamlined management. 
    9. Reduced Operational Burden: Eventcombo alleviates the operational burden on event organizers. Tasks that previously fell on individual team members are now efficiently managed within the platform. Multiple team members can access and manage event tickets concurrently, reducing dependency on one individual. 
    10. Enhanced Customer Experience: The user-friendly interface and flexible ticketing options offered by Eventcombo enhance the overall attendee experience. Smooth ticket purchasing processes and personalized interactions contribute to higher satisfaction levels. 


By leveraging Eventcombo’s innovative event management capabilities, our organization transformed ticket and inventory management into a seamless, efficient process. From accurate inventory tracking to personalized attendee experiences, Eventcombo empowers us to elevate our events and drive success for our clients. 

If you are interested in learning more about their services, request a demo here and you too can tackle ticket management as an Eventcombo pro!