Georgia Street Electrified: Brand Awareness Experience.


Facing a shift in strategy for brand awareness, ZF asked KM&A to plan an electrifying block party. KM&A eagerly accepted, ready to adapt and deliver. After ZF identified a great branding awareness opportunity at NTEA Work Truck Week 2024, KM&A took the lead in creating a memorable brand awareness experience. After some initial planning, ZF requested adjustments to the budget to ensure a cost-effective event for their company. KM&A adjusted quickly to fit within the new limits and maintain the goal of creating a memorable experience around brand awareness. On the event day with temperatures dropping, we stayed ahead of the curve providing outdoor heaters for comfort and organizing fun activities to keep guests engaged. 


KM&A took full ownership of every facet of Georgia Street Electrified, encompassing strategic planning, budget management, creative direction and theme development, registration, venue management, food and beverage arrangements, activation planning and entertainment coordination. Now, let’s dive deeper into each of these components. 

  • Strategic Planning: ZF approached KM&A with the goal of making a significant impact during NTEA Work Truck Week 2024. They tasked KM&A with organizing a brand-focused block party outside the Indiana Convention Center, on the center block of Georgia Street between the intersections of Meridian and Illinois. This strategy aimed toward amplifying ZF’s brand awareness.  
  • Budget: When ZF informed KM&A midway through the planning process about budgetary limitations, KM&A quickly adjusted and revised a plan to ensure guests would still have a wonderful experience. KM&A’s team scaled down the event’s budget while maintaining monthly check-in with ZF regarding any budget adjustments.  
  • Creative Concept/ theme: Our team drew inspiration from ZF’s electrified truck, giving birth to the event’s name: Georgia Street Electrified. This name sparked our creativity, allowing us to bring this vision to life through the event logo, registration website and signage for the events. Since brand awareness was the main strategy, signage became a big part of the brand awareness piece. Our team designed signage by creating directional banners that led from the Indiana Convention Center to the center block of Georgia Street, flags that hung on the flag poles across the west and central blocks of Georgia Street, registration signage that highlighted activities both outside and inside the VIP lounge and a backdrop for photos.  
  • Registration: A branded registration website was developed to simplify the event registration process. Serving as a central platform, the registration site was used to capture attendee information and manage event-related metrics and data.  
  • Venue: The client was interested in hosting an event close to the convention center, so we explored nearby options. Georgia Street’s central block stood out as an excellent choice due to its proximity and central location. This location also provided easy access to the Omni Severin Hotel, allowing us to partner with them for the event. The Omni Severin Hotel served as the venue for the event’s VIP Lounge.  
  • Food & Beverage: ZF is a German Based company. To incorporate the company’s German heritage, we sourced a food truck that had a German menu: Books, Bourbon & Bacon Food Truck. Guests that attended could purchase items from the food truck upon entry. Additionally, we also worked with the Omni Severin Hotel to provide German beer options for both the bars outdoors and the VIP Lounge indoors. The VIP Lounge also had its own separate menu. VIP guests got to enjoy appetizers, desserts and an open bar.  
  • Activations:  To increase engagement at the event, activations included an interactive display highlighting ZF products inside a 26-wheel truck and outdoor games such as corn hole, speed pitcher and a double shoot. Indoors, in the VIP Lounge, guests enjoyed various arcade games like big buck hunter, boxer arcade, golden tee and air hockey. 
  • Entertainment: To draw outsiders in, Artist Coleen Dieker delivered a live performance featuring covers of influential top hits. Coleen captured the audience with her singing and guitar skills. 


Positioned in an ideal location, the event facilitated meaningful connections between the ZF team and existing and future clients. Guests had the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the ZF culture and interact firsthand with the company’s products. This successful event underscores KM&A’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for clients. Give KM&A a call if you are ready to add an experience element to your next brand aware initiative!