Joe’s Butcher Shop: Boosted Facebook Post.


The KM&A team was challenged with the task of boosting protein sales for Joe’s Butcher Shop during a period when consumer spending was directed elsewhere. Our strategic approach involved identifying and consistently engaging with the target audience through various channels. Recognizing the need for innovation, we seamlessly integrated an additional element into our lineup of marketing initiatives. We expanded beyond the existing audience, reaching the untapped potential of individuals interacting with our client’s social media platforms but not yet engaging with their products. This strategy was set not only to increase sales but also to enhance our client’s brand visibility and resonance in a competitive market.


Leveraging the power of social media, we found it effective to use Facebook as a key platform for enhancing brand visibility and engagement. The strategic decision to boost Facebook posts allowed us to customize our approach to precisely target our client’s desired demographic. This proved to be cost-effective as well, reaching a substantial audience and maximizing our marketing impact. The versatility of a boosted social post allowed seamless integration with our existing social posting strategy.

The selection of Facebook over Instagram was intentional after a thorough analysis of desired demographics since our message resonated most with the client’s audience on this platform. One notable advantage of this campaign was the ability to review detailed metrics provided by Meta both at the conclusion of the campaign and in real-time as the boosted posts were running. This not only provided comprehensive insights into the overall success of the initiative but also allowed for adjustments during the campaign’s duration.


The boosted Facebook post strategy for Joe’s Butcher Shop showcased a remarkable impact on both in store and online visits. Through an analysis of interaction data, our team not only saw a significant increase in sales but also observed a substantial uptick in website traffic – marking a successful campaign.

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