Joe’s Butcher Shop Google Ads Case Study.


Not only was the store facing challenges from COVID-19’s impact, but they were also facing environmental factors … to be more specific, a pack of killer raccoons who hungered for turkeys (more on that here). In order to market Joe’s farm-fresh turkeys, we had to ask ourselves, what’s the best way to strategically target Thanksgiving turkey buyers in Carmel, IN as well as surrounding locations while also increasing in-store and online sales?


After doing research and developing a finetuned strategy, we decided the best way to promote Joe’s was through a Google Ads Display campaign. A Google Display Ad is an advertisement shown on articles, videos or websites that consumers browse—for example, a pop-up ad on a clothing website. After digging through market research, we decided this specific type of ad was ideal for Joe’s Thanksgiving turkey campaign because it would showcase the product visually as well as a description of the sale. Since consumers are more perceptive to visual content compared to text content, showing off Joe’s delicious products with high-quality images was a no-brainer.

Our communications team spearheaded this campaign by devising a target audience and location description as well as creating the copy needed for ad headlines and descriptions. By emphasizing the turkey qualities in the descriptions (i.e., ‘farm-fresh,’ ‘raised without hormones,’ etc.), we were able to leverage Joe’s as a top competitor for high-quality products.

Our creative team got to work designing and editing appealing photos and graphics for the advertisements, while ensuring to visually-entice Carmel locals to purchase their Thanksgiving turkeys at Joe’s Butcher Shop.


The average CTR (click-through-rate) for display ads is around 0.35%, however, our
Thanksgiving turkey campaign saw a CTR of 0.52%. With 350,000 impressions and 1,830 clicks, Joe’s Butcher Shop was able to see an increase in their 2021 Thanksgiving turkey sales. By targeting a specific audience and incorporating compelling visuals, we increased foot traffic to the store, boosted in-person purchases, grew website traffic and expanded the number of online orders.

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