Joe’s Butcher Shop: NBA Athlete Partnership.


Joe’s Butcher shop challenged us to create a beneficial partnership between his store and a professional athlete to help grow brand awareness. #9 TJ McConnell is an Indiana Pacers point guard from Carmel Indiana – aka the perfect fit for the partnership. Our goal was to negotiate a deal that would be beneficial for both parties. That included sorting out conflicting interests and ideas, drafting agreements and evaluating the best partnership we could create.  


We wasted no time getting in contact with TJ’s agent to negotiate a deal on behalf of our client, Joe’s Butcher Shop. Through lots of communication with both TJ’s agent and Joe, we came up with a perfect deal for both partners.  


  • NIL: Since TJ was already a Joe’s customer, this NIL deal was fairly easy to navigate. We added a menu item “The #9” which featured a specialty sandwich created by TJ. Customers raved about this sandwich being an amazing addition to the menu – a major score. We also had “TJ’s Picks” go on sale in the event of a Pacers win which helped to increase sales at the shop while promoting TJ and the Pacers.  


  • Content: To be able to promote TJ on social media, we organized a photoshoot to capture content. We got in contact with a professional photographer and hired them to provide both partners with high quality content. We found it important to get content of TJ in store to show his commitment and love for Joe’s Butcher Shop. Photographing TJ in the store provided Joe’s Butchers Shop with exposure to products which led to further customer engagement.  


  • Social media: We highlighted TJ heavily on social media through several different types of media. We featured TJ behind the counter learning about different cuts of meat, shopping in store, recipes for TJ’s Picks, giveaways including merch and Pacers tickets and TJ enjoying the delicious food. We spread awareness about the partnership on multiple social media platforms including different forms of media like posts, stories, reels, etc.  


  • Creative: For this partnership to be beneficial, we had to design a creative campaign to get the word out about the partnership and get Pacers fans excited about what was to come at Joe’s!  We used the storefront of Joe’s Butcher Shop to our advantage for instore promotion by implementing signs throughout the shop promoting TJ’s sandwich and picks. For electronic promotion we used Joe’s weekly email newsletters as an asset in promoting the partnership for customers to come in the shop to try TJ’s picks.  


  • Promotional Plan: All of this couldn’t have been brought to fruition if we didn’t have a plan for carrying out the partnership. We built a promotional plan which made sure to evenly promote both parties’ brands. We kept customers engaged through gameday announcements, sales announcements and giveaways. These announcements were spread through different platforms which relayed core messages related to the announcement. From defining objectives for brand awareness growth to creating a content calendar we handled all things needed to plan out this partnership  


TJ and Joe’s Butcher Shop both resulted in a win from this partnership. TJ’s stats increased after the beginning of his partnership with Joe thanks to all the fuel provided from the shop – I guess you could say Joe’s fuels champions *wink, wink*. In return Joe’s Butcher Shop gained the brand awareness they were hoping for. Over a 14-week period, Facebook followers grew by 25 (.34%) and Instagram grew by a whopping 251 (10.14%) followers! It’s safe to say that both parties’ statistics can speak for themselves in proving that we know how to create a mutually beneficial partnership! 


If you’re looking to increase brand awareness for your business, what’s stopping you from getting in contact with us today? Who knows… maybe we’ll be able to hook you up a great partner like TJ.