Joe’s Butcher Shop: Rebrand.


When our client, Joe’s Butcher Shop, came to us with the request of a refreshed look and feel, we couldn’t wait to put our design skills to the test to tell its story in a modern, yet classic way. However, we had to keep in mind that Joe’s had been in business for 15 years prior and had accumulated an extremely loyal customer base. We had two challenges: how were we going to devise new branding that not only elevated Joe’s look while staying true to its core values and how were we going to enhance Joe’s in a way that garners new customers without alienating the ones he already has?


Our creative team got to work on building an ideation of Joe’s new look as well as a plan for where this new branding would live. Our creative director focused on staying true to Joe’s core principles while bringing out its approachability with a modernized feel. By keeping most unique features from the old branding, such as the shield-like shape, yellow tones and classic butcher shop elements, our graphic designer, Calvin Badger, was able to upgrade Joe’s branding without straying from the iconic, beloved brand that Joe’s Butcher Shop was and still is.

Changing the logo name from “Joe’s Butcher Shop & Fish Market” to “Joe’s Butcher Shop Fish Market & Provisions,” made us able to better reflect the role of Joe’s and pay homage to the fact that not only is it a butcher shop and fish market, but also carries dry goods, wines, delicatessen products and more. This also allowed consumers to better understand and appreciate the full scope of what Joe’s offers. Joe’s branding was transformed into a more professional design that encapsulated everything it is at its core—quality, value and service.

Not only did we construct a new logo design for Joe’s, but we also switched up the interior of the shop. By changing the window & door decals, signage in the aisles and refrigerated/frozen sections, display case signs and packaging, we made the new branding present not only in the digital space, but also in-person. Wall colors were changed to match the new branding as well as in-store communications such as signage and message boards. We swapped out chalkboards for butcher paper—it’s easier to edit and stays consistent with Joe’s new look. Finally, we took the new branding into the digital realm, using it on Joe’s website, Instagram, Facebook and in its email marketing.


Based on customer responses, the rebrand was a success! Loyal patrons of Joe’s were extremely enthusiastic about the new look, and many reached out to Joe personally to praise his new design. Through rebranding, Joe’s Butcher Shop left any outdated design elements behind, allowing it to emerge as a sleek, modern brand that stays true to its story and past.


“We have to admit we were a bit nervous about the changes coming to Joe’s. After all, 15 years is a long time to get used to who you were. But this transformation is more about who we are today, the message we want to convey to customers and positioning for the future. It still displays what you have come to know about Joe’s. It shows that quality, value and service never go out of style and will continue with a new look for years to come.” – Joe Lazzara, owner of Joe’s Butcher Shop

“I was in a few times over the weekend. Loved the new look on the meat case wall.” – Joe H.

“Nice—always good to get a refresh, especially after last year. Hello new Joe!” – Ellyn T.