KM&A: Indy 500 Multi-Client Experience.


We all know May is a busy month here in Indy. The excitement of the Indy 500 brings lots of people to the city. For us this past May, we were challenged with managing three different clients during the week of the Indy 500. A few challenges arose over the course of the weekend including the rain, a race delay and an unplanned stop in the escort on the way to the tracks. We had to divide and conquer to manage two clients over the course of different Month of May Experiences and three clients on Race Day, all while tackling the unexpected conflicts, making for one spectacular race weekend!  


1. Thorough Planning 

To ensure everything ran smoothly for race weekend, we mapped out thorough plans for each aspect of the event. Our staff designated different leaders for each client to help guide our team to success, giving each client our full attention and a direct contact. Each client had thorough master logistics documents created for their event which provided clarity for both parties on what is expected from our clients and what we delivered. The KM&A team was in constant communication with each other and with their respective clients to make for a successful outcome. We value communication greatly at KM&A – it makes sure our clients are getting the best solution we can provide them with while using our resources.  

2.  Race Day Prep 

We wanted to be properly prepared and have a good feel for how race day would play out, so we had a pre Race Day walk through. During the preparations we were able to set up the suites prior to Race Day to make sure they were decked out with KM&A and Indy 500 décor. Along with making the suite visually appealing, we ensured the suites were stocked with essentials to get any race fan through Race Day. Our walkthrough helped to set our staff up for success. Since we had a lay of the land, we sounded like those suites were our home!  

3. Rain Delay 

The one thing we couldn’t control was the weather, but we could control what would occupy our clients’ time if the weather was bad. Sure enough, there was a rain delay that pushed the race back a couple hours. Good thing we had an Indy 500 themed bingo game to keep our clients searching for fun eye-catching things they saw at the race. This provided our attendees with an activity to keep them busy during the delay. If we couldn’t control the race to entertain them at the moment, at least we got Bingo!  

4. Police Escort 

We knew the traffic would’ve been horrendous without a little help, so we arranged a police escort to bring our clients to the track in a timely manner. This ensured our clients would make it to the tracks with plenty of time for pre-race activities and provided everyone on the bus with a shorter, stress-free ride. We got our clients as close to the track as possible without having to wait in hours’ worth of traffic. Although our clients had to step out of the escort a little earlier than expected due to not being able to get any further, everyone still absolutely loved the VIP experience.  

5. Face Time 

We love to be where our clients are and interact with them to show how much we care. Our staff was spread out over various places to meet with our clients and attendees to make sure they had someone to help guide them through the fun-filled event. The KM&A staff introduced themselves at the registration desk during arrivals, which helped our clients get to know and recognize us in case they needed assistance. We made sure to be in the lobby in the morning for transportation send-offs and were at the suites before guests arrived to greet them with a warm welcome. Once everyone was on-site at the track, the KM&A staff was circulating the suites helping to make sure any last-minute needs were met. 


We’ll admit… there was some unhappy attendees when their favorite driver didn’t cross the finish line first, but those were the only frowns we saw all day! We successfully gave our clients an experience they are sure to never forget. The police escort was our client’s favorite addition to their experience, getting them where they needed to be in a speedy and VIP manner. All three clients loved what we provided for them and are happily rebooking with KM&A for next year!  

Does this experience sound like a good fit for your company? We would love to help you and your guests experience the Indy 500 the KM&A way. Contact us today!