MAC Corporation: Brand Guide Creation.


MAC Corporation, a family-owned waste handling equipment company in Indianapolis, Indiana, approached our agency to develop a brand identity and social presence that reflected their unique company culture. They emphasized their commitment to professional service while maintaining a family-oriented atmosphere. Our first job was to get their brand guide created and their logo mobilized. 


We began by analyzing the branding of MAC’s competitors in the Indianapolis area. Most used a generic approach, relying heavily on industrial imagery and a limited color palette. This analysis provided an opportunity for MAC to differentiate itself through a more distinct and memorable brand identity. We spent time with the MAC team, observing their work environment and interactions. The team’s dedication to quality service and their genuine care for their customers were evident. 

Based on the market research, we identified the following key brand elements for MAC: MAC provides reliable and efficient dumpster services, the company prioritizes customer care and fosters a friendly work environment. Clients rely on MAC for responsible waste disposal solutions and great customer service. We kept their original blue and red colors, while adding a third, green, to add flexibility with brand initiatives. This color choice was based on the commonly used paint color of containers they manufacture! We created a logo stamp, that was much more accessible over different background colors, and defined how the logo should be used with specifics on spacing and background colors. We defined a brand voice that is industrious yet polished and personal. We then established guidelines for the use of the brand colors, fonts and imagery across all marketing materials. The imagery should showcase both the professional service aspect and the family-oriented approach (e.g., family pictures, employee comradery). 


The newly developed brand guide equips MAC Corporation with a strong foundation for consistent brand communication. The combination of blue and red, along with the professional yet approachable brand voice and visuals, will allow MAC to effectively convey their unique company culture to their target audience. This will not only strengthen brand recognition but also foster trust and loyalty among both residential and commercial clients.