Myers Ag Services: Brand Refresh.


Myers Ag Services, a fully independent crop and soil consultant run by Eric Myers in Kokomo, IN, was the type of brand we had in mind when developing our business booster package. In fact, our phased approach service, a procedure including mapping out business priorities and goals, solidifying a strong brand image, developing strategic marketing and creating a plan to connect with target audiences, was the perfect match for Eric’s business.

When Myers Ag Services came to us with only a logo and the need for more brand awareness, we were excited for the opportunity to establish a set of matching brand guidelines. Our challenge? How would we create an overall brand identity for a niche business that’s exceptionally unique to every other company like it?


Our creative director, Chelsea Meagher, immediately got to work, researching everything there is to know about the soil business, from competing soil companies to the nitty gritty of soil testing. She decided to keep the existing logo, only adjusting the color and spacing, and built the remainder of the branding around it. Eric Myers has a personalized approach when it comes to his services. While most crop consulting businesses have large teams of workers, Eric goes in independently, ensuring that each crop is fertile and can thrive in a healthy soil mix—you could say Myers Ag is pretty down to earth (literally!) and the ultimate one-man show.

After establishing a refined logo, Chelsea integrated it into the new brand guidelines, complete with typography, colors, photography, hand-drawn iconography and textures. By including earthy colors, natural elements and textured patterns, Myers Ag’s new brand guidelines spoke loudly to the business’s personalized touch and environmental focus. Our goal was to make the brand feel organic—we wanted it to feel like Eric put it together himself as a way to stay true to his brand’s core values and overall impression.

After creating new branding, we developed a one sheeter for Myers Ag Services to show potential customers the services it offers as well as other branding materials such as field signage and a location map. The freshened-up field signs feature the term, “independent agronomics,” tying them to Eric’s core values of independence and consumer commitment. The location map features each of the counties Myers Ag serves, showing off Eric’s broad Indiana reach and how he consults for a variety of locations and consumers. By implementing the new design and branding into each of these marketing materials, we created a cohesive brand for Myers Ag Services and provided them with an outlet for increased brand awareness.


We not only established a brand for Myers Ag Services but gave it a united theme that matches its values and services. Not only does Myers Ag Services now have a rooted identity, but it can continue to increase brand awareness through marketing with these materials, whether that’s through trade shows, out of home advertising (like the field signs) or social media. The proof is in the pudding—see it for yourself below.