Riello Country: In-Person Sales Conference.


Riello, a word-of-mouth referral from a client, reached out to KM&A for assistance in planning and executing their first ever National Sales Conference. This task challenged us with everything from the creative theming and assets to the hotel destination and award trophies – keeping a strict established budget in mind. Another challenge piece for us to keep in mind included a block of international Riello executives who would be in attendance.  We needed to ensure communication was effective across culture and language.


Our client’s event took place just outside of Austin, Texas, at one of the most beautiful resorts complete with championship golf courses and top-tier food & beverage selections. KM&A handled all aspects of the event including budget, hotel selection, creative & theming, registration, food & beverage, AV production and activities. Let us explore each of these elements in more detail:

  • Activities: Giving the attendees multiple options to experience the resort during their stay was important to the client. We worked with the hotel’s golf pros and 3rd party activity team to host a 60-person golf scramble, a 40-person trap shooting demonstration and a 15-person horseback riding adventure. We ensured there would be something for everyone.
  • Budget: The team planned the event around an all-in set budget of $350,000. By setting a clear budget, KM&A staff ensured effective fiscal management throughout the event planning process.
  • Hotel/Venue Selection: Hyatt Regency Lost Pines – Austin, Texas. This resort was perfect for our client for multiple reasons. It was centrally located in the US, had ample space for a conference & various receptions and featured activities like golf, horseback riding and shotgun trap shooting.
  • Registration: A dedicated registration website was created to streamline the event registration process. KM&A designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface where potential attendees could easily sign up and provide necessary information. The registration site served as a centralized hub for communication, updates, metrics and data related to the event.  This was key for our international attendees.
  • AV/Production: Encore Global was the on-site production partner and everything was seamless from a technical standpoint. KM&A took on the tediousness of content organization, speaker preparation, etc.
  • Food & Beverage: KM&A worked closely with the client and the hotel team to curate menus for each sub-event including Opening Reception, Content Days Lunch, Awards Dinner and Closing Reception. The food & beverage was a high point during the event. The on-site team was fantastic and went above & beyond. During some of the receptions, we were able to provide Long Horns, Beer Burros and Fiesta Alpacas for our guests to meet and take photos with! An unforgettable experience!
  • Creative/Theme: We needed to give the event its own identity. We collaborated and ideated “Riello Country.”  Strong like the company’s growth with a western vibe to complement the location. We threaded this theme throughout the event’s invite, registration site and on-site wall decals via a local Austin signage company. We try to keep it local as much as possible.


Riello Country made a name for itself. Our client says it set the standard for in-person events in their industry. We reached our attendee goals and provided a high-end experience through location, F&B and production while staying under the set budget. The event served as a testament to KM&A’s ability to organize, plan and execute high a high-quality experience for our client by implementing our event expertise.

In-person events are the perfect way to increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction. We can help take your vision from “one day” to “today’s the day!” Are you ready for it? Let’s chat.