Season Branding: Indy Eleven.


Indy Eleven is Indianapolis’ soccer team. The 2019 season branding goals were to create greater awareness for soccer and Indy Eleven within the state of Indiana and to increase average game attendance. Indy Eleven is a collection of passionate people looking to make waves in their state and to show Midwesterners what soccer is all about. Klipsch Marketing & Advisors came alongside to help them create a cohesive brand and message strategy for the season to elevate their 2019 season marketing efforts.


  • Partnered with Indy Eleven to bolster and elevate their season branding efforts for the 2019 athletic season
  • Guided Indy Eleven through a brand exploration exercise in order to find their season voice
  • Built Indy Eleven’s 2019 season theme, logo, style and brand voice
  • Presented the assets to the Indy Eleven team to be utilized as a guide throughout their 2019 season
  • Season-long video efforts
  • Social media graphics
  • Display ad graphics
  • Ticket / print materials
  • Outdoor advertisements
  • Billboards
  • Buses / Wraps
  • Stadium Graphics

design intention

  • Four distinct logos and colors to distinguish each stage in the season
  • Bold, familiar word mark and font to communicate their message in a clear way
  • Authentic and heartfelt voice to tell their story and help eradicate communication issues with new and existing fans
  • Highlight their underutilized colors to increase brand recognition and loyalty in and beyond the 2019 season

Sports branding generates support, get help garnering that support through KM&A.