Soar Above: Virtual Event Management.


This live-recorded, virtual event was originally slated to be a four-day, in-person event at The Fairmount in Austin, Texas. Due to some unforeseen organizational changes, the event needed to move to a virtual platform and consolidated into four short hours. The KM&A team had to figure out how to pack a four-day, content-filled event into just four hours while incorporating the event theme and design as much as possible to keep an elevated feel. Additionally, the keynote speaker was previously booked, meaning it was necessary to keep that content in our newly scaled down event.


KM&A is always up for a challenge. We took the task of scaling down this event and ran with it, making sure that we could best implement all the content in a limited time frame. In pivoting to a virtual environment, we relied on Lenos as our platform. In utilizing this platform, we made sure to incorporate the “Soar Above” theme into the overall messaging of the event while also ensuring that the production was seamless. Since we had to move to a fully virtual platform, we wanted to make the best use of all our resources.

  1. Keynote – To incorporate our keynote, we strayed away from the traditional sense. We did a virtual recording and gave the attendees the option to pre-submit questions to Patrick S. Houlahan, the founder and CEO of Strategic Leadership Consultants LLC. This was released on the virtual platform as a teaser leading up to the event. This keynote tied in perfectly with the “Soar Above” theme as he is a retired military pilot. Since our keynote was already booked before the transition to virtual, we wanted to make sure our implementation added value to the attendees’ experience.
  2. Virtual Platform – Using Lenos gave us the opportunity to customize this event in a way that added meaning. We utilized things like the chat feature, virtual breakout rooms through Microsoft Teams and Q&A sessions to unify the experience. Additionally, we were able to upload the content from the event to the client’s internal database. This gave attendees the option to re-watch the speakers while also providing a viewing opportunity for those who couldn’t attend.
  3. Creative – Creating a cohesive feel is important for any event. In this case, we were able to custom brand the virtual platform, backgrounds for virtual presenters and PowerPoint presentations. While branding may seem like a small addition to a virtual event, it enhances the overall experience for viewers and makes it more engaging than a typical everyday virtual meeting. We also were able to send branded swag to each attendee – elevating their experience even further.
  4. Tech Set Up – With a full-staff, onsite production team, we curated a talk-show style set up. With a quaint feel, this set up provided attendees with a personal aspect, further connecting them to the message of the event. Everything from lighting to backdrop placement was considered in ensuring that everything was perfectly arranged for optimal viewing. Adding the “Soar Above” branding to transition slides was another addition that unified the events overall look and feel.


Despite the challenge of transforming an in-person, four-day event into a virtual, four-hour event, the client’s leadership team was able to communicate important information across the organization. The levels of engagement in the group chat, Q&A and team breakouts showed that attendees felt a strong sense of connection to the content they were viewing. Exceeding the goal of 500 attendees, we count this as yet another successful event in the books. For large companies looking to relay important information to their key team members, an event like this one is the way to go. We can curate an experience that will be memorable and impactful for each attendee. Reach out to us!