Social Media Management: Dallara.

Dallara is a world-renowned engineering expert that specializes in designing and manufacturing some of the most competitive race cars in the world. Being prominent in both Italy and the U.S., it was easy for them to utilize their social media platforms to maximize their brand awareness. However, their accounts spoke to the European audience and didn’t fit the needs of their already large, but continuously growing United States audience.


Dallara challenged KM&A to develop a strategy to target and engage the U.S. audience. After identifying the challenge, we looked into the current following on each social media platform Dallara had and chose to begin targeting the U.S. audience on Twitter. Once the new strategy is implemented and evaluated, we would be able to gauge how the strategy worked and tweak it in order to implement across all platforms. It was challenging to shift gears and develop content that would resonate with the U.S. audience while remaining true to the brand that is widely appreciated by European spectators.


We accepted the challenge and set the wheels in motion. First, we brainstormed ways to incorporate who Dallara is, what they stand for, what they produce and their affiliation to the U.S. into our strategy. From this, we developed a plan to create posts that highlighted the Dallara brand while also cultivating content around the U.S. racing series to target the U.S. viewers.


By implementing the Twitter strategy, from May 2021 through August 2021, we were able to increase the number profile visits increased by 301.81% in comparison to the number of profile visits from January 2021 through April 2021. The increase in profile visits directly led to an increase in brand awareness surrounding Dallara’s U.S. efforts and operations. Additionally, we saw a steady increase in the numbers of followers each month due to the increase in profile visits and brand awareness.

The number of tweet impressions per month increased by 699.06%, meaning that Dallara’s tweets were being viewed on roughly 44.3K timelines per month. Before KM&A, their tweets were being viewed roughly by 5,500 timelines per month. Along with this, the industry standard for engagement rates is between 0.02%-0.09% and KM&A increased Dallara’s engagement rate to 1.5%.

Social media management can be a daunting but a rewarding task. Let us help you increase your brand’s awareness, following and tell your story.