Social Media Management: Phoenix Data Corporation.

Phoenix Data Corporation (PDC) is a leader in information systems and logistics industry. They provide numerous services to increase efficiency, productivity and cost savings for businesses across the nation. With so many services to offer and usage of technical jargon, how do you accurately grow brand awareness? Yes, a clear and concise website is key, but sharing those capabilities on social media in an easy-to-understand nature is crucial to growing engagement.


According to Maryam Mohsin, 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been either “somewhat” or “very” effective for their business (2021). Given this information, Phoenix Data Corporation approached our team of social media experts to create a unique and strategic social media plan. Our team was tasked with creating posts that encompass all of their capabilities in a clear, concise way. Social media marketing for a brand must explain the business’s services while being short and sweet. The content must be easily digestible so that consumers receive quick-hit information and are enticed to engage further with the brand. We know data company information can get confusing, but that’s what we’re here for. We make things sound good and look pretty.


We created and implemented a social media strategy utilizing LinkedIn to share Phoenix Data Corporation’s various abilities. Through developing captions and creative assets, we provided them with a consistent posting schedule. The content we created incorporated a mix of service and capability explanations, new technology developments and highlights of current clients. We also ensured that their voice was present in each caption to showcase their brand personality and have every post be a bite-sized, snippet of the brand. In simpler terms, our strategy allowed Phoenix Data Corporation stand out against their competitors by putting our feet in the consumers’ shoes. We thought like the consumer and created social media posts that were easy to engage with and showed who Phoenix Data Corporation is.


Through the implementation of new social media graphics and a regular content schedule, Phoenix Data Corporation’s LinkedIn followers increased by about 50%. Posting more consistently and ensuring their brand personality is evident in all their posts, allowed them to stand out against their competition, which in return aided in growing their follower count.

As tough as a task may seem, take a step back, or take a step into the consumers’ shoes, and you will realize it isn’t THAT scary. But, we are always here to help ease your mind.


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