Social Media Marketing: Kopetsky Auto Wash.

Social media is a key marketing component for businesses to utilize in order to grow their footprint. Showcasing your business’s capabilities through your social media channels provides an easy way for potential customers to become familiar with your brand.


Kopetsky Auto Wash was established in Indianapolis in 2019 and began building its footprint in the Greenwood community. They offer unique wash and membership packages that distinctly set them apart from their neighboring competition. While that may be enough of an impact for some companies, being in a new area and being the first location, they needed to make a name for themselves and grow their brand from scratch. KM&A was challenged to create their brand presence through their social media channels while incorporating their witty and fun tone of voice.


We researched their competitors and found the best way to engage and grow Kopetsky Auto Wash’s following. We have developed a strategy for all platforms and developed copy and images/graphics to post organically on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. One of the most important factors of our strategy is to ensure each post is engaging. To produce this type of content, we decided there should be a balanced mix of imagery at the facility, graphics and images with graphic overlay. The images of the facility allow followers to get an authentic look at the wash experience and help them gain brand awareness. Using graphics periodically among the social media platforms allows for breaks in the feed and are great to get followers engaged by prompting them to comment or repost. Utilizing images with a graphic overlay gives the best of both worlds. They are visually appealing and informative while also showing off the services and capabilities of Kopetsky Auto Wash.


As of July 2020, when KM&A became Kopetsky Auto Wash’s agency of record, there has been a significant increase in following, engagement and impressions across all social media platforms. On Facebook, following has increased by 40.8%, 87% increase on Instagram and a 100% increase on Twitter. The increase in following has come from our teams’ collective input on how to create a fun and unique experience for customers. Whether it be through social media campaigns or on-site creative pieces, our team accepted the challenge to grow their brand. If you’d like to see what clean, quality content that is lathered in fun looks like, check out their social channels for more.

Running social media accounts can be time consuming, we’re here to help. Want to learn more about generating content for social media or do your accounts need a refresh? Let’s chat.