Sponsorship: MGM Powered by PennGrade1.


When our client wanted to develop a strategic partnership with a large resort chain, we said, let’s do it! By pairing these two seemingly different brands, we knew we could reach a new audience and increase our client’s visibility. However, the challenge was, how do you showcase products to consumers when they can’t actually see them?


PennGrade, a motor oil manufacturer, and MGM Resorts, a resort chain with numerous facilities in Las Vegas, were a not-so-obvious partnership pair, that is, until we considered each clients’ needs. Beyond the glitz and glam, on the surface of Las Vegas lies what is literally a “well-oiled machine.” From the fountains of the Bellagio to the hundreds of hotel elevators, MGM Resorts depends on oils, greases, lubricants and coolants to operate every day. What better partner than one of the leading motor oil manufacturers in the racing industry?

PennGrade used branding opportunities such as on-site signage, MGM Wi-Fi displays and event app ads to broaden their reach. By strategically placing a PennGrade video into the Wi-Fi login for the resort, we increased visibility and reach tenfold. We then extended PennGrade’s digital approach by advertising during conventions held at the resorts, as well as at the McCarran International Airport.


Retailers and distributors were incentivized for sales successes by leveraging hospitality offerings. In return, MGM ensured usage of PennGrade and D-A lubricant products within their properties and made appropriate third-party introductions to enhance future sales opportunities. By thinking outside of the box in strategic ways, PennGrade made millions of new brand impressions through social media, onsite displays and branded guest enhancement.

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