Surfin’ Endress+Hauser: Hospitality Event.


Endress+Hauser requested KM&A expertise in planning and executing their first ever ECC Hospitality Event for current and potential customers. This task challenged us with everything from the creative theming and assets to the F&B, entertainment, décor and gifts. Additionally, neither Endress+Hauser, nor KM&A had ever visited the hotel destination, so we knew it was important for us to keep constant communication with the on-site event manager and third-party vendors.  A final, last-minute challenge was Hurricane Idalia barreling through Florida at the same time of the event.  We were required to shift everything indoors to ensure the safety of all parties involved.


Our client’s event took place at the JW Marriott in Marco Island, Florida. KM&A handled all aspects of the event including budget, creative & theming, registration, food & beverage, décor, entertainment and gifts. Let us explore each of these elements in more detail:

  1. Budget: The team planned the event around an all-in set budget of $50,000. By setting a clear budget, KM&A staff ensured effective fiscal management throughout the event planning process.
  2. Creative/Theme: We needed to give the event its own identity. Our teams collaborated and ideated multiple themes including Surfin’ Endress+Hauser, Havana Nights and Swiss Bliss.  The final selection chosen was Surfin’ Endress+Hauser, a fun theme true to the Floridian setting. We threaded this theme throughout the event’s invite, registration site and on-site décor.
  3. Registration: A dedicated registration website was created to streamline the event registration process. KM&A designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface where potential attendees could easily sign up and provide necessary information. The registration site served as a centralized hub for communication, updates, metrics and data related to the event.  This was key for our international attendees.
  4. Food & Beverage: KM&A worked closely with the client and the hotel team to curate the menu for the after-party event. We chose to keep it simple and laid back by going with a salsa and guacamole bar. For an extra treat, we had a gelato and sorbet station with 3 flavors for attendees to choose from, complete with a color changing, branded Endress+Hauser spoon!  The small touches were noticeable and appreciated by attendees. Last but certainly not least, we ensured our guests could enjoy an open bar!
  5. Décor: Décor truly transforms a venue space.  We were originally supposed to be outside on the “Tiki Terrace” but moved indoors to the Maia Restaurant.  We were fortunate the restaurant was already decorated to our theme 7 colors—tying everything up perfectly! The touches we added created an even more elevated atmosphere. Custom tiki bars, branded tiki/surfboard photo opportunities and driftwood centerpieces brought everything together.
  6. Entertainment: Entertainment should always elevate and complement the event. We contracted a 3-piece authentic steel drum band to provide soothing sounds throughout the 3-hour event.  Attendees enjoyed the live music atmosphere and could be heard singing along to fan-favorites.
  7. Activation: A fun element for any event is something the attendee can watch or be part of.  We used sand sculptors to sculpt a custom design featuring the Endress+Hauser logo, one of their most popular products, a sea turtle and a tiki man.  Watching the talented sculptors bring a drawing to life with just sand was extraordinary!
  8. Gifts: Everyone loves a gift, right? Endress+Hauser wanted to make themselves HEARD, so we chose branded, waterproof JBL speakers for each attendee. They were the perfect hand-held size and provided a true “OOH” moment once attendees knew what they were being given. Now each time an attendee listens to music, they’ll see Endress+Hauser and remember our event in a positive light!


Endress+Hauser was able to provide a high-end experience to their customers, both returning and potential. The internal team raved about how impressed they were with every aspect and could visually see how their dollars were spent to create an all-encompassing event. Goal-wise, we reached our attendee goal of 80 and stayed under the set budget by approximately $700. The event served as a testament to KM&A’s ability to organize, plan and execute a high-quality experience for our client by implementing our event expertise.

In-person events are the perfect way to increase customer rapport. We can help take your vision from “maybe” to “it’s happening!”