THE PLAYERS Championship: VIP Customer Experience.


KM&A was tasked with creating an extraordinary experience for our client at THE PLAYERS Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Our client requested an exclusive-level VIP experience for its valued customers and their guests. Despite multiple customer groups arriving throughout the week, our team was ready to handle the logistics. Keep reading to see how KM&A went beyond a typical outing, crafting a VIP event designed to strengthen relationships, spark engagement and leave a lasting impression. 


  • Organization: KM&A powered this event with Eventcombo’s registration site, ensuring a streamlined process with communication management and organized information. Even better, the site was co-branded for our client with their brand paired with THE PLAYERS. You can schedule a demo with Eventcombo today! 
  • Logistics: We managed the logistics of different customer groups (Groups A-D) arriving throughout the week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each customer group received the same experience, just on different days of the week to maximize the ROI on the event! 
  • Activities: Each arrival day included a session at Topgolf, followed by THE PLAYERS Championship the next day. We were able to handle each aspect of the activities so our client could focus on their attendees. 
  • Transportation Management: KM&A arranged convenient transportation to and from the event for all groups. We contracted the transportation daily to ensure we could take multiple trips back to the hotel if people were ready to leave at different times. We never wanted anyone to feel as though they were “stuck” at the tournament! 
  • VIP Swag: To make the experience truly special, we provided high-end, company branded Peter Millar pullovers for each guest group and an official THE PLAYERS Championship baseball cap. 
  • Registration & Check-In: We were able to have a table at the front of the hotel lobby to welcome each customer group as they arrived. This served as the perfect time to hand out attendee gifts as well. A branded banner welcoming our group rounded out the cohesive and professional experience! 
  • Attention to Detail: Thoughtful touches like snacks, refreshments on ice, Liquid IV, sunscreen, pain relievers and even Tide to-go pens (that saved the day for one VIP!), created a truly first-class experience. 


Witnessing the joy of their customers, our client was thrilled. Mother Nature provided the perfect backdrop, elevating the entire event to an even more spectacular level. They expressed immense gratitude for KM&A’s support, which alleviated pressure from their team and allowed them to fully focus on their VIP guests. The success speaks for itself, as they’re already eager to book another unforgettable experience with us next year! Are you ready to do the same? Reach out to KM&A for your next VIP Experience!