Video: Dallara ‘Pursuit of Health’.


For over 40 years Dallara has been in the industry of designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most competitive race cars. During a time of global crisis, they were challenged on how to utilize their team of engineers and technology and create a way to show how they are more than just a company that constructs automobiles. KM&A needed to find a way to showcase how Dallara’s team was creating face masks and gowns for our first responders and champions on the frontline.


  • Created a narrative that expressed the processes, time and equipment used in producing this PPE
  • Designed a video that can now be utilized on all platforms
  • Encouraged others to give back at a time of need


KM&A was able to create a video that highlights the capabilities of our friends at Dallara. This now will be utilized on their website and will live on to voice the challenges our world faced and how two companies came together to show how we could benefit the community during a time of need. This video can shine light and serve as a reminder of the obstacles companies faced during this time of universal challenge.

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