VIP Events: The 2022 College Football National Championship.


No matter what type of event you’re executing, there’s an overarching focus that encompasses each experience—the attendees. Whether your goal is to satisfy employees, captivate clients or fascinate a new target audience, your event revolves around the power of the people. So, why not celebrate the people that mean the most to your business through the art of VIP experiences?

When one of our clients came to us wanting to put on a special event for their top clients, we asked ourselves, how do we execute a personalized experience that will make attendees feel like the true VIPs that they are?


Since this client is headquartered in Indianapolis and the College Football National Championship was held at Lucas Oil Stadium this year, we decided, why not host a VIP experience at one of the most exciting sporting events in the country?

It’s important to note that there is more to a VIP experience than the average logistical details … at least when KM&A is in charge. In the very beginning, our creative team established branding, developed save the date cards and designed every material that would be present. Our events team planned the logistical details out for months—securing a suite package at the stadium, making hotel reservations, outlining activities, preparing transportation and more. We also crafted and procured welcome baskets as well as branded gifts for attendees—this is an excellent way to build up excitement and establish a sense of inclusivity and significance between the hosts and guests.

Although it was focused on the College Football Playoff, this VIP experience didn’t only consist of going to the game. Attendees were welcomed with brunch and a VIP tailgate at the Hyatt, complete with games, snacks and of course, bloody marys. Afterwards, attendees settled into their box suite at Lucas Oil Stadium for tasty food, great drinks and an evening of cheering on their favorite team (unfortunately, they were all Alabama fans … maybe next year!).


With KM&A managing all the planning, logistics and small details, our client and their attendees were able to enjoy a day of football fun without the stress that comes with executing a VIP experience. KM&A started from square one with this event, focusing on the aspects that would generate the most impact and leave the largest impression on those invited. By moving step by step through each thought-out element, we were able to develop an event that was a people-driven experience, therefore, fostering powerful connections and speaking to those who are most important.

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“Please pass on our thanks to the entire team that attended the game, as we had a great time and your hospitality was incredible—and what a great game! We certainly appreciate the partnership and look forward to continuing to grow with you for many years to come. Here’s to a great year in 2022!” – Event Attendee