Virtual Event: Brizo VIP Research Sessions.


Brizo was in need of a virtual version of their in-person research sessions. Attendees needed to be able to provide live feedback and interact with the research team. Groups needed to be small enough to have direct dialogue but large enough to capture an accurate sample of research. 


KM&A worked alongside the Brizo team to build a multi-session virtual event. The Brizo team invited attendees to pick one of five sessions, with groups capped at 8 attendees per session. Sessions lasted one hour and consisted of design overviews, product polls and live feedback. Due to concerns with COVID-19, this was a closed event that required additional considerations such as social distancing and masks worn on set. Normally, this event takes place in person where attendees can touch and see the designs.  With this virtual event, we were able to translate it well to virtual by utilizing HD document cameras to provide high-resolution 360-degree visuals of the products. 


Overall, this event was a success.  Post-event surveys were sent out to attendees to measure overall satisfaction and gain insightful testimonials about the event.  This event received a 4.6 out of 5 overall satisfaction rating, and overwhelmingly met attendee’s expectations by 100%.  Live poll and direct dialogue data were collected during the live sessions.   


I always enjoy these types of events as it’s exciting to be part of something that you will see in the future. Brizo seems to be working on some really exciting designs in the future.” 

“…Brizo is constantly pushing the boundaries with innovation and creativity.” 

 “The polls made it MUCH easier to respond virtually- thank you! Most of your competitors haven’t learned how to run their online events as successfully as this one.”