Virtual Event: Delta® Faucet Company Showroom Series.


You don’t need to be face-to-face to produce a creative, engaging and successful event. Virtual events can embody the experience you want to create for your attendees with a little bit of imagination, hard work and resourcefulness … cue our Delta® Faucet Company Showroom Series.

This three-day virtual event embodies the Delta Faucet Showroom experience for customers, sales representatives and internal employees. It entails a remarkable display of new products, conversations with the leaders in current design trends and the sharing of future ideas and possibilities. Each day consists of a 90-minute debut of new product showings, design trends and special guests for a specific Delta Faucet brand. But how do we keep event attendees engaged and enthusiastic about a reoccurring experience that is structurally consistent and in a virtual setting?


KM&A approached each of the showroom events with an open mindset, conceptually exploring various themes to construct a captivating virtual experience for Delta Faucet Company and its guests. Our team sat down and devised a theme for each event—Summer Camp, Jet Set and Cinema. Here is where our creative, communications and event teams put their heads together to create some Delta Faucet Company magic. From set design to event logistics to email reminders, our team came up with three captivating themes to keep viewers involved and engaged.


To measure the success of each event, we set four goals: engage with and build rapport with attendees, increase brand awareness, promote new products and provide training and knowledge. After each Showroom Series, we sent out a post-event survey to every attendee to measure overall event satisfaction and receive feedback. Each event had superb results, with every one rating above a 4.65 out of 5 and over 95% of attendee expectations met. It’s safe to say all our goals were accomplished to the highest degree.

day 1

Each Showroom Series event features Delta Faucet Company’s Brizo® brand during the first day. Brizo is Delta Faucet Company’s luxury line, consisting of sleek, modern products with fashionable collections and innovative fittings. Brizo takes a polished approach to bath, kitchen and shower products, emphasizing the small details and never straying from exceptionality. On Brizo Day, Delta Faucet Company showcases their newest designs, innovations and collections from the Brizo line, tantalizing attendee tastebuds with a touch of luxury and affluence.

day 2

The second day of the Showroom Series features the Delta® brand, Delta Faucet Company’s traditional line. Delta consists of simple-solution innovations and designs that expand the common concept of sink, kitchen and bath fittings. Made for everyday use, Delta’s technological mastery makes a usually unordinary accessory extraordinary, while keeping it practical and convenient. Delta is inspired by customers’ needs and is committed to creating technology that takes away the stress and makes every day effortless. The Delta Day displays the latest designs, innovations and technology in the Delta brand, showcasing this trailblazing brand’s originality and ingenuity.

day 3

The third and final day of the Showroom Series is the Design Day, where the Delta Faucet Company design team dives into the creative and developmental processes of each new collection, innovation and design. This day gives the audience an inside look at Delta Faucet Company’s inspiration and vision for each collection, as well as a feel for the countless hours of work and testing that went into creating the different lines.

summer camp

The first Showroom Series we tackled for Delta Faucet Company was tricky yet extremely rewarding. Having the creative liberty to develop an entire virtual theme from scratch was something we had yet to try with their organization; however, we faced the challenge head on and hit the drawing board. This event took place during the summer of 2020 and as you can imagine, instead of taking their regular summer vacations, people were turning to safer options… like camping. We’re sure you can guess what came next.

We developed a Delta Faucet Company twist to the classic summer experience. We wanted to bring attendees the pleasure of typical summer festivities that they would normally experience but were unfortunately forced to enjoy in a different way during the pandemic. This is where the summer camp theme was born.

Our team designed sets, developed promotional pieces for the event and wrote scripts for the Delta Faucet team in a way that gave attendees the traditional camping experience—all from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Each day—Brizo Day, Delta Day and Design Day—featured and were designed around a specific Delta Faucet Company branded color that coincided with the camping theme. This allowed attendees to differentiate between each day and experience the feeling of a summer camp agenda. Our team developed branded print materials to pull in the summer camp theme and each virtual camper received a pre-event kit filled with branded literature, swag, their camp itinerary and Door Dash gift cards for each day of the event—we weren’t expecting them to forage for their own meal!

As this was the first Showroom Series that we had been a part of, we used it as the building blocks for our future creative journey with these teams. We analyzed what worked and what could be improved and measured the overall satisfaction of our client and the attendees of the event.

From here, we picked up a pencil and paper and began brainstorming new themes and ways to enhance and exceed the expectations set from Summer Camp.

jet set

Delta Faucet took to the skies during their Jet Set Showroom Series in the fall of 2020, taking their attendees to new places while giving the rundown on the latest and greatest Delta Faucet products and designs. Each day was set in a new city, with each one coinciding with the overall look and feel of Delta Faucet Company’s different brands. In a time when people weren’t able to travel, you can only imagine how excited attendees were to be virtually transported to different destinations, all while staying safe. To make it even better, each event attendee received a pre-event kit consisting of branded luggage tags, literature, swag and of course, their trip itinerary. This is only a small part of the branded print materials and themed items our team developed for this event.

Attendees boarded their plane for the first day of the Showroom Series with a high-end, fashionable destination in mind. Brizo Day was set during New York Fashion Week to make up for the cancelation of their yearly Brizo Fashion Week Event. Delta Faucet Company even welcomed fashion designer, Jason Wu, to showcase the Jason Wu for Brizo bath collection.

Delta Day took place in Nashville, TN at the Delta studio, which is close to where Delta Faucet Company’s production plant is located in Jackson, TN. Audience members were provided a sneak peek of the facility and heard from Delta Faucet Company’s difference makers—the people behind Delta’s most clever innovations.

Design day was set in Chile, an architecturally inspiring city—ideal for the behind-the-scenes deep dive into Delta Faucet Company’s latest collections. This day was exceptionally challenging for the designers, as they are used to traveling the globe for inspiration and design ideas. However, with the creative and communications elements that were created surrounding this day, the designers and the attendees truly felt as if they were in Chile. The only difference was that this time they didn’t need a passport!


The Cinema Showroom Series felt like a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Attendees were greeted by the glitz and glam of the red carpet, the comfy and cozy feeling of a home theater and the technical and exhilarating look from behind the camera. Every event attendee received a pre-event kit with popcorn, branded literature, swag and their Cinema Showroom itinerary.

To fully express Brizo’s glamorous look and feel, we used an equally high-end theme—the red carpet! The audience had the opportunity to hear about the new and stunning collections that have been in the works for the Brizo brand from fashion designer, Jason Wu—the creator of the Jason Wu for Brizo Collection—who shared his designs and processes for his luxury line.

Delta Day took on a home theater theme—which, if you ask us, is sometimes better than the actual movie theater. This theme played into Delta’s intuitive yet relaxed designs that are built for everyone. Attendees got cozy on their couch with some popcorn and candy to tune in and hear about the new Delta brand initiatives, product innovations and more.

The last day of the Cinema Showroom Series was the Design Day which was produced from the director’s point of view. Attendees experienced a behind the scenes look at the creative and developmental process of each collection showcased during the event. With a set that resembled the view of a director, attendees were able to learn the ins and outs of designing a product line, furthering their appreciation of Delta Faucet Company’s hard work.

With our creative team designing the sets and promotional items to accompany each theme, our communications team crafting the messages for print materials, scripts and email reminders along with our event team executing the production process, it was an all-around KM&A team effort to put these badass virtual events together. Using our imaginations and A LOT of teamwork, we were able to establish clear goals, bring together hundreds of people for highly successful virtual experiences and have them leave feeling positive, enlightened and refreshed. We call that an accomplishment in our book. Now, if you will excuse us, we are off to have a drink!

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