Virtual Event: Delta® Faucet Principals Meeting.


Create, engage and educate. Find a way to encompass it all and that’s it, right? If that’s your mindset we must say, you are very wrong. Delta Faucet Company approached our team with those three words in mind for their internal Principal’s Meeting that is typically held in-person and ends with an awards event to celebrate collective organizational accomplishments and stand out performances. Our challenge, how do we overcome logistical obstacles of multiple time zones across all of Delta Faucet Company’s partner channels? How do we incorporate ALL of the individuals who have worked tirelessly in 2020 to achieve their goals and overcome so much? AND – how do make this feel as “in-person” as possible?


An event like this happens overnight. Right? Sorry folks, our process begins months in advance. Weekly meetings occur to ensure our timeline is on track and to hash out any of those nitty gritty details. If you are lucky enough to be a project manager, you may even receive daily phone calls to confirm event specifics. An initial concept got our creative juices flowing and spiraled into a themed event that tied in a bit of an Oscar style occasion. Because who doesn’t sometimes want to be treated like a celebrity?


Early in the planning process we identified achieving an attendance level of 100 people would be considered a success. Through tireless efforts and a strong pre-event communication plan, we crushed our goal and achieved an attendance level of over 200. This event entailed two days with an additional evening “occasion” that served as an awards ceremony to celebrate those who were determined to be unbeatable and the best in business in 2020. As a best practice, we advise all of our clients to employ the use of data collection pre- and post-event to drive improvement and gauge success against their goals. In this application the post event survey resulted in a score of 4.63 out of 5 in regard to overall event satisfaction. Some big takeaways included expectations for 2021, new products and new strategized sales opportunities. An overwhelming 98.36% of attendees believed that this event would have a positive impact on their jobs.

The awards ceremony received an outstanding 98.33% of meeting expectations. Essentially, the Delta Principals meeting and awards ceremony was very well received by event attendees. When faced with the decision on how to continuously foster positive relationships and educate key members of Delta Faucet Company among different channels, agencies and customers – we rallied the troops and ensured we provided a safe yet engaging atmosphere to do so. Though nothing can take the place of the feeling heading into an “in-person” event, our teams ability to produce and execute an event of this magnitude virtually, established just how effective, inclusive and pivotal marketing strategies need and can be as we move forward.


 “Meeting addressed many of our agencies needs and wants concerning product, new product updates, supply chain challenges and general “state-of-the-union” issues.”

 “Always love any opportunity to get to know the agency rep’s better and learn about DFC and our goals and objectives for the year.”

 “Delta’s corporate relationship with its biggest trade customer appears strong and healthy. And our biggest customer has great respect for all of us as sales agencies. Reassuring and satisfying!”