Virtual Event Series: Delta Faucet Company.


The significance of face-to-face interaction will never go away. But how do you turn your educational meetings, networking opportunities and conferences into a virtual event that will be just as engaging? Now, possibly more than ever with the world’s current state, it is essential that you continuously be creative and continue your planned events in a virtual manner.  KM&A approached Delta Faucet Company to produce their live three-day virtual event for their customers, sales representatives, and internal employees.


By listening to Delta Faucet Company’s needs, we devised a plan and theme for the virtual event.  From concept to activation, our team had such an innovative and exciting time getting the creative juices flowing for this virtual summer camp series. Whether it be our creative team locating and selecting the items that would be used on-screen or our copywriters creating the print materials, it was an all-around savvy and versatile team effort to create one badass virtual production for attendees.


To measure the success of this event, the KM&A and Delta Faucet Company team established four goals: Engage and build rapport with attendees, promote new products, build brand awareness, and provide training/knowledge. A post-event survey was sent out to attendees to measure event satisfaction and receive any feedback. Overwhelmingly, the event met the attendee’s expectations (98% yes, 2% no). The overall satisfaction of this event averaged 4.67 out of 5. Also, 100% of attendees believed that this event would have a positive impact on their job. We received open-ended feedback from attendees and garnered great testimonials for the event that will be used now and for all future productions. Need more proof on how you or your company could benefit from a virtual event? See what some customers had to say about their experience!


Customer: “This really met the needs of product training/information, design origination, and science, which will help both selling and support, and more surprisingly a brand connection.  I came away with a much stronger affinity to Brizo and it’s story as well as a strong connection to the form and function of Delta.” -Harriet Morley

Sales Rep: “As a Rep Agency, the biggest takeaway is having our customers see the big picture- from inspiration, to design, to engineering, to final product and the people that make all that happen.”- Jodi Salmonson

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